Google doesn’t offer a way to schedule Google My Business posts by default, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to queue them?

You can easily schedule Google My Business posts and have them automatically published at a predefined time using the Post to Google My Business WordPress plugin.

  1. Install and configure the Post to Google My Business WordPress plugin if you haven’t done so already. The ability to schedule posts is available in the Starter package. Get your 7-day free trial here.
  2. Navigate to the Posts section of your WordPress Dashboard, and add a new post (or edit an existing one).
  3. The plugin has added a new section to the Posts screen. Create a new Google My Business post by clicking the + New GMB Post button
  4. Enter the details for your post and open the Advanced post settings. Tick the Schedule post checkbox.
  5. Click the field next to the checkbox to open the date- and timepicker to select a publishing date.
    Schedule Google My Business posts
  6. Click the Schedule Post button to queue your post for publishing. Your post will be automatically published once the defined date is reached.

The Business version of the plugin allows you to create GMB posts for any WordPress post-type.

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