Google doesn’t offer a way to schedule Google My Business posts by default, but we like to automate things. You can easily schedule Google My Business posts and have them automatically published at a predefined time using our Post to Google My Business WordPress plugin.

This functionality relies upon the native WordPress post scheduling function which makes scheduling Google My Business posts a breeze.

  1. Install and configure the Post to Google My Business WordPress plugin if you haven’t done so already. The ability to schedule posts is available from the Starter package and onwards.
  2. Create a new WordPress post by navigating to Posts > Add New.
    Add new WordPress post
  3. Tick the “Post to Google My Business” checkbox and enter the details for your Google My Business post in the fields that appear below it.
    Add new post to Google My Business
  4. In the “Publish” metabox, click “Edit” next to “Publish Immediately”. Enter the desired future date, and confirm by clicking “OK”.
    Schedule Google My Business Post
  5. Press “Schedule” to schedule the post. Your Google My Business post will now automatically be published to your GMB page at the date and time that was entered in the previous step.
    Schedule WordPress post

Don’t want to be limited to the “Posts” post-type? With our Business package you can pick any post-type, or post to GMB directly without the post being attached to a specific WordPress post or page.