Version 3 of the Post to Google My Business plugin introduces the “Multiple auto-post templates” feature. This means you are no longer tied to a single generic auto-post template, but can define multiple templates for different occasions. For example if you want to use a different post template for your WooCommerce products than you want to use for your new blog posts. This feature is available in the Pro and Agency plans of the plugin.

Creating a new template

To create a new template, navigate to Post to GMB > Auto-post templates in your WordPress dashboard, and press the New button. Give your new template a descriptive name so it will be easy to find the right template later down the road. Adjust the template to suit your needs and save it.

Using your new template

The plugin adds a template selection dropdown to the Publish section of your WordPress content. If you want to publish a new post to GBP using the template right away, check the “Auto-post to GMB now” checkbox and select the appropriate template. Publish/Update your WordPress content to send the post to GBP.

Note: The evergreen content feature will also use the auto-post template selected here.

Defining a default template for a post type

You can define which template should be selected by default for each post type. To do this go to Post to GMB > Settings > Auto-post settings and scroll down to the “Post type default template” section. Select which templates you want to be selected by default and press Save Changes.

Where can I edit the “Default auto-post template”?

The “Default auto-post template” is the template defined in Post to GMB > Settings > Auto-post settings.

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