Apart from placeholders which represent specific info about your WordPress site or the current post/page, there are also placeholder variables that represent info about the GBP location that your post is being published to.

These placeholders can be used in your post text and will be replaced by their corresponding value once the post is published to your GBP listing. The most notable placeholders are:

  • %location_locationName%Name of the location
  • %location_primaryPhone%The primary phone number of the location
  • %location_websiteUrl%The website URL of the location
  • %location_openInfo_status%Whether the location is currently open or closed (when the post is published)
  • %location_metadata_mapsUrl% A link to the location on Google Maps
  • %location_metadata_newReviewUrl% A link to create a new review for the location

Address data

  • %location_address_addressLines_0%The address of the business (more “addressLines” may be available depending on your local address formatting. Replace the _0 with _1, _2 etc)
  • %location_address_locality%Location city
  • %location_address_postalCode%Location postal code

There also placeholders available that represent the business opening hours, business category and other GBP business data. Because these placeholders are dynamically generated and can differ from location to location, they are not all described here. You can find a “dump” of all available placeholders and their corresponding values of one of our own GBP locations here.

You may have to do some trial-and-error to get it right, but luckily the plugin makes it easy to create and view posts, and delete them if they’re not “right”.

Example usage

Our location is %location_openInfo_status% right now! You can call us on %location_primaryPhone% or visit our website at %location_websiteUrl%.

Resulting post:

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