The quick publish feature allows you to create posts on Google My Business based on a preset template. It will use the link to the WordPress post as URL for the CTA, and uses the WordPress post thumbnail as image.

To use it, simply tick the Quick Publish to GMB checkbox when publishing your WordPress post.

The plugin will then create a new post on Google My Business, based on the template that is set in Post to GMB > Settings > Quick Post settings. The plugin is pre-configured with a simple template that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The Learn More call-to-action is used by default, it can optionally be changed.

Using variables

You can use a multitude of variables in your post template that will be replaced by their corresponding value (if the value exists).

What variables can I use?

Post Variables

These are variables that are replaced with values of the WordPress post that is currently being edited:

Common variables

  • %post_title% – The post title
  • %post_content% – The Post content
  • %post_excerpt% – The post excerpt
  • %post_date% – The post date in local time
  • %post_date_gmt% – The post date in GMT time


  • %ID% – The post ID
  • %post_author% – The post author ID
  • %post_password% – The post password
  • %post_status%
  • %comment_status%
  • %ping_status%
  • %post_name%
  • %to_ping%
  • %pinged%
  • %post_modified%
  • %post_modified_gmt%
  • %post_content_filtered%
  • %post_parent%
  • %guid%
  • %menu_order%
  • %post_type%
  • %post_mime_type%
  • %comment_count%
  • %filter%

Author variables

These variables are replaced by details of the author of the current WordPress post

Common variables

  • %author_first_name%
  • %author_last_name%
  • %author_nickname% – The value of the Display name field
  • %author_display_name% – The value of the Display name dropdown box
  • %author_user_email%
  • %author_user_nicename% – Username
  • %author_user_url% – User website


  • %author_description%
  • %author_jabber%
  • %author_yim%
  • %author_aim%

Site variables

These variables will be replaced with details of the current WordPress website


  • %site_name%
  • %site_description%
  • %site_url%


  • %site_pingback_url%
  • %site_atom_url%
  • %site_rdf_url%
  • %site_rss_url%
  • %site_rss2_url%
  • %site_comments_atom_url%
  • %site_comments_rss2_url%

Using the quick post feature in combination with these variables allows you to create unique Google My Business posts without having to write a single word.

The premium version of Post to Google My Business allows the usage of these variables in any text field. Make your GMB posts even more unique with the Spintax feature.